Monday, November 10, 2008


Cairns is considered as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef - a 2,000km stretch of coral reefs off the coasts of Northern Queensland.

My daughter, Lisa, had her uni vacation job in Townsville (south of Cairns) back in 2005 and we arranged to meet up at the end of her engagement. I arrived Cairns early and took to the city's esplanade by the sea front. This was my second visit here to tropical Queensland.

It was really pleasant here.. with wild life on its shore - pelicans and other sea birds.

Soon I decide to take a drive to check out some sights of Boulders Gorge & Devils Pool, an hour or so drive to south of Cairns.
Boulders Gorge..

Devils Pool - a deep hole sunk into the rocks.

A row of Flame of the Forests was in full blossom on the way.. how not to pull over for a couple of shots.

A park ranger dropped by to say hello and greeted each other 'Merry Christmas' as it was Christmas round the corner.

A little detour to Josephine Falls - signposted on the way.

The walking trails are well marked in Australia..

well paved...

with board walks & safety barriers.

Plus warning of dangers.

At a large rock pool, my first human contact since arrival.

Met this woman with extra-ordinary long hair - highlight of my day's trip! Seen anyone with hair from head to toe? This grandmother told me she kept it for 14 years since her first grandson was born!

Her grand daughter looked at me with innocent eyes.

The rest of the family waded in the pool.

I can't find words to describe the simple beauty encountered here.. just let my camera taking snapshots for memory.

A peek out to the distant mountains.

Boulders that formed the pathway.

Rock pools still as mirror reflected the sky.

An unusual tree trunk with knuckle & hollow within!

Crossed their paths again on the way out.. seen no one else except for them.

Love the friendly smiles on their faces!

A great day for me!